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How do I participate?

There are three ways to get rewarded for saving energy with equiwatt: Electric Vehicle, Smart and Manual participation.

You can participate in equiwatt's energy-saving events (we call them equivents) in three different ways: With your Electric Vehicle (EV) or via Smart and Manual Control.

Electric Vehicle (EV) participation

Participating in equivents with your electric vehicle (EV) is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to lower your peak time energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint.

To participate in equivents with your EV, you simply need to connect your compatible EV to the equiwatt app and opt-in to equivents.

When an equivent starts, your EV's charging will automatically be paused at the start of the event and resume at the end of the event.

NOTE: Your EV will not participate in an equivent if any of the following criteria are met:

  • You have disabled smart charging. To enable smart charging, please ensure that the Smart Charging and the equivents toggles are set to ON within your settings. 
  • Your EV is unplugged or not charging due to a localised fault.
  • Your EV has been detected as not charging at the ‘home’ location selected in the app. We cannot manage your EV's charging at public charge points.

When your EV is connected to equiwatt you can:

  • Adjust the length of time that your EV takes part in an equivent (choose between 30-60 mins) in the 'equivent Preferences' settings.
  • Opt-out from equivents if you would prefer your EV not to take part.
  • Earn points from every equivent that your EV participates in.
  • Earn points 10 every day that your EV is plugged in and ready to participate in an equivent. (Note: Daily points are awarded on a per-day basis whenever you connect the EV).
  • Compete with other EV owners by participating in our monthly EV leaderboard for the chance to win bonus points for finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Find out more here.

Smart Control

Participating in equivents with Smart Control is an easy way to save energy when demand on the grid is high as your smart plugs will do the work for you. It also gives you more opportunities to earn bonus points too!

To participate in equivents via Smart Control, you simply need to connect your chosen appliance to a compatible TP-Link Smart Plug via the equiwatt app.

TIP: You can find help on setting up your Smart Plug for the first time here.

When an equivent starts, your appliance will automatically turn itself off at the start of the equivent and switch itself back on at the end of the equivent.

With Smart Control you can:

  • Adjust the length of time that your appliance takes part in an equivent in settings
  • Opt-out from equivents if you would prefer your appliance not to take part
  • Automatically earn points according to how long your appliance participated in the event and the amount of energy and CO2 it saves.

Manual Control

When an equivent starts, you can participate by manually turning off a qualifying appliance at the plug - for example, if your electric heater is registered as an appliance you need to:

  • Go and turn it off at the plug point when you receive a notification in the app that an equivent is starting
  • Tick the ‘Electric Heater’ box in the Manual Control tab so we know you’ve switched off
  • Switch the appliance back on when you get an alert that the equivent has ended (or whenever is convenient for you during the 60 mins event).

You will then be automatically awarded an entry to our monthly prize draw for every equivent you take part in using Manual Control (entries are per equivent and not per appliance).