How do I set up my TP-LINK Smart Plug for the first time?

Please follow the instructions below to set up your TP-LINK Smart Plug and connect it to your appliance:

  • Download the Kasa Smart app on your phone from App Store or Google Play.
  • Connect your TP-Link Smart Plug to any power socket and follow the Kasa app instructions to set up your plug.
  • Unplug your selected appliance from its current power socket and plug in your TP-Link Smart Plug to that socket.
  • Plug your appliance into the TP-Link Smart Plug and check that your appliance switches back on.
  • Enter Kasa app credentials on the Equiwatt app to connect your appliance to Equiwatt.

TIP: Give your appliance a name on the Kasa Smart app to easily identify the appliance connected to your TP-Link Smart Plug.