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What are equivents?

equivents are energy saving events during which equiwatt remotely manages your connected smart enabled appliances or EVs and rewards you for avoiding the use of expensive, polluting energy.

How long do equivents last?

equivents generally last for 1 hour and are aimed at saving peak energy without being inconvenient to users. Users can manage their time of participation preferences through the app and override them if needed. 

What are peak times? 

There are certain peak times during the month when a large number of people use electricity in their homes at the same time. For example, around 7 pm when people get home from work and start cooking dinner or charging their Electric Vehicle (EV). To avoid hunger or no charge in your car (!), energy providers have to turn on additional power plants to meet demand. These power plants are traditionally heavy CO2 producers and expensive to run.

Incentives for saving peak energy

To avoid this, energy companies offer incentives for those that can help to reduce electricity usage during peak times. It costs less for them to invest in these initiatives to reduce electricity usage rather than turn on additional power plants.

equiwatt helps users to take advantage of these incentives by holding peak time energy saving events which reward them for using less energy to power household appliances or EVs during peak times.

What are equivents?

We call these peak time energy saving events equivents and they run 10-12 times every month for 1 hour at a time. 

Users earn points according to peak energy saved and CO2 reduced, which can then be redeemed for a range of rewards from the in-app gift store. The more energy you save, the more points you will earn!

You can find out more about points earnings here.

NOTE: We will send you a notification once an equivent has started and another one when it has finished so that you can decide whether you want to participate or not.

Appliance participation in equivents

If you have an appliance connected to the equiwatt app through a smart plug, we will remotely turn it off for the duration of an equivent and turn it back on when it ends. 

If you don't have a smart plug connected to the equiwatt account, you can participate by manually switching off your appliances when the equivent begins and switching them back on when it has ended.

NOTE: You can find out more about manual participation here.

EV participation in equivents

If you have an EV connected to the equiwatt app, your charging will be paused automatically for one hour and resume when the equivent ends.