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What are Equivents?

Equivents are energy saving events that last for 1 hour when energy usage is at its peak. We award points for turning off appliances & devices during Equivents and alert you before & after every event so you can take part and find out your impact

There are certain peak times during the month when a large number of people use electricity at the same time.

For example, around 7 pm when people get home from work and start cooking dinner. So that nobody is left starving and without electricity, energy providers have to turn on additional power plants to meet demand. These power plants are traditionally heavy CO2 producers and expensive to run.

To avoid this, energy companies offer incentives to reduce electricity usage during peak times. It is cheaper for them to pay initiatives that can reduce electricity usage rather than to turn on those additional power plants.

Equiwatt helps households to take advantage of these offers by inviting users to reduce energy during peak time events and earn points. We call these events Equivents and they run 10-12 times every month for 1 hour at a time.

If you have an EV connected to the Equiwatt app, your charging will be paused automatically for one hour and resume when the Equivent ends.

You can find out more about points earning here.