What is my forecast?

Your forecast is the average amount of electricity you use during the period of time an equivent runs.

What is my forecast?

Your forecast is the amount of electricity you are likely or expected to use at the time an event is run.
In simple terms, it's your average usage for the same period as the event being run. For example, if an event is run on a Monday between 19:00 - 20:00 and your forecast is 590Wh it is because on average that is how much energy you are expected to use at that time.
Your forecast is automatically calculated by our system, which takes your average electricity usage during a similar period of time in the previous days (excluding weekends, bank holidays and days when another event took place) from your smart meter to provide us with your forecasted usage.

Where can I see my forecast?

To view your forecast simply go to the ‘Home’ tab of the equiwatt App during an equivent, you will be able to see your forecast as shown in the image below:

Updated UIs - equivent live - MM

How can I beat my forecast?

In order to beat your forecast, you will need to use less energy during a powerDOWN or instant powerDOWN equivent. To lower your energy usage try to turn off high energy consumption appliances and avoid turning on appliances when you receive a notification to say that an equivent has started.

Tip: Check your In-home Display unit to see how much energy you are using at home to help you work out how much electricity you need to save to beat your forecast.