Feb 17, 2022

Referring a friend just got even more rewarding!

Here at Equiwatt, we want to make sure that we are always rewarding our community for helping to bring the benefits of saving energy with our app to others. With that in mind, we launched our referral scheme back in May, to help do just that! So a huge thanks to those of you who recommended us 😀.

The great news is that we have now made it even easier and even more rewarding for you to help invite your friends and family to join the Equiwatt community! After all, nobody can explain the benefits of Equiwatt with your friends, family or colleagues quite as well as you!

How does it work?

You will now automatically receive 500 bonus points (worth £5) when one of your friends sign up to Equiwatt using your unique 4 digit referral code and connects a compatible Smart Plug to their account. Your friend will also have 500 bonus points (worth £5) automatically added to their account too, so it really is a win for both of you!

What's more, you will receive an extra 1500 bonus points (worth £15) when your first 5 friends sign up and connect a qualifying smart plug using your referral code. That means you could now earn 4000 bonus points (worth £40) for helping 5 friends join the Equiwatt community! 

How do I earn my bonus points?

To start inviting your friends, family or colleagues to join the Equiwatt community, all you need to do is open the Equiwatt app on your phone and visit the community page by selecting the globe icon. Once there you will see the box appear towards the bottom of your screen.

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To share your referral code and invite your friends to sign up, simply select the ‘Share Invite’ button. Then all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions and share your referral link and unique four-digit referral code with your friends via your messaging platform of choice (e.g. WhatsApp, SMS etc).

Once one of your friends signs up to Equiwatt using your referral code and connects a Smart Plug, you will receive a notification on your phone to say that your 500 bonus points have been added to your account. You will also be able to track how many of your friends have signed up by looking at the progress bar in the community tab. 

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When the first five of your friends have signed up with your 4-digit referral code and connected a compatible Smart Plug to Equiwatt, the progress bar in the community tab will turn blue. You will also notice that the count will read 5/5 and the ‘Share Invite’ button will now say ‘Claim Reward’.

Referral Scheme - Claim Reward

To claim your 1500 bonus points, simply select the 'Claim Reward' button and follow the on-screen instructions. After running a few checks, we will then add your points to your account for you to redeem as you wish - simple!

Referral Scheme - Request in Progress

How do my friends get rewarded?

When one of your friends clicks on your unique referral link, they will be taken to the Equiwatt website. Here they will be able to download the Equiwatt app for both Android and iOS. 

Once they have installed the app on their device, they need to follow the on-screen instructions and enter your unique 4 digit referral code when prompted on the 'Create a new account' screen.

Referral Scheme - Referral Code

Once they have logged into their account, all they need to do is visit the ‘Appliances’ tab (plug icon) and select ‘Connect TP-Link Smart Plug’ to connect their Smart Plug to the Equiwatt app.

Once they have followed the onscreen instructions to set up their plug, they will automatically be awarded their 500 bonus points - simple as that!

Referral Scheme - Connect SP

N.B. We have created a helpful article to help new users set up their smart plug for the first time which can be found here.

Want to help your friends get rewarded for saving energy? Head to the app and start sharing your unique referral code with your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else that you can think of! After all, the larger our community, the bigger impact we can have and the better the rewards too!

Not part of the Equiwatt community yet? Click the button below to start getting rewarded for saving energy when it matters most!