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Household wide energy saving

Home Appliances

Households account for 22% of CO2 emissions in the UK. Our free app saves energy across the home by including automated appliance switch off during peak times.

benefits-in-home Rewarding home energy saving

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the peak time energy your appliances use

  • Earn points up to a value of £40 a year just from connecting a fridge

  • Have a collective impact by joining our community wide energy saving events

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Electric Vehicles

80% of EV owners charge at home in the UK. With energy costs increasing, our free app saves energy across the home by including smart charging for EVs.

benefits-for-ev-drivers Smarter EV charging

  • Automate and personalise charging schedules to fit lifestyles and when a vehicle is needed

  • Reduce CO2 and earn rewards for your efforts by charging when energy is greener

  • Earn at least £150 every year in rewards for smart charging with equiwatt

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How it works

How it works

equivents are energy saving events that help to reduce demand on the grid at peak times by automatically pausing the energy usage of household appliances and electric vehicle charging.

Rewarding homes

Energy companies pay us for the energy our community collectively saves during equivents. We pass on those savings to you as points and rewards whilst also helping EV drivers to save cost by charging when energy is at its cheapest.


250 tonnes

of CO2 saved by 1000 equiwatt homes every year


360 kWh

of peak energy saved by every equiwatt home every year


Over £150

worth of points can be earned every year per household


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Harriet Melbourne Feb 28, 2022

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