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We help households get money back off their energy bills by reducing energy usage at peak times.

How it works

Saving energy at the same time helps energy companies reduce the use of polluting power plants at peak times. Energy companies pay us for helping to reduce this expensive and dirty peak time energy usage.

By joining our community, we help households get their share of payments for saving energy collectively when it matters most.

  1. Download
    Download our free app and register for peak-time notifications.
  2. Respond
    Respond to the notification by reducing your energy usage for up to 1 hour.
    Automate (recommended): Automate your energy savings by connecting compatible smart home devices and electric vehicles.
  3. Points
    Check out your energy saving contribution and get points instantly after every energy-saving event. Exchange your points for rewards in the app gift store.

11,905 trees

offset the same amount of CO2 in a year as 1000 equiwatt homes


360 kWh

of peak energy saved by every equiwatt home every year


Over £150

worth of points can be earned every year per household


Join us on our mission to revolutionise energy & reach net zero

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