Energy access to all

The equiwatt team is on a mission to make clean energy more affordable and accessible to everyone. We are inspired by the opportunity for homes and technology to play an active part in reducing the cost of energy and lowering CO2 emissions through renewable energy usage.

Helping homes make a difference

The impact households can have on our Net-Zero ambitions is significant. We want to help every home support a reduction in household energy usage at peak times and shift it to times when cleaner, renewable energy is more abundant. Rewarding action and helping homes to see the impact they can have is engaging people across the country to change their energy habits.

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Simple, fun, accessible technology

The equiwatt team are inspired by the opportunity to make clean energy solutions more accessible and affordable for more homes. Our app is free and doesn’t require any expensive installations or tariffs that make life complicated for consumers. We connect to existing smart technologies to make connected appliances and electric vehicles easy. And we make it fun to change habits through rewards, prizes, and competitions.

Collectively building a virtual power plant

During times of peak demand, equiwatt automatically switches off appliances or pauses smart charging at the same time across our community. This collective energy saving effort is helping to build a virtual power plant that balances demand on our grid, reduces the need for polluting power plants and rewards our users for the difference they make to our energy systems.

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Johnson - Founder & CEO

Johnson is a techie at heart with a passion for impact through entrepreneurship. He strongly believes in exponential innovation and is a cleantech fanatic. His eyes light up when he sees good food and live music. Johnson also enjoys scenic walks or anything that's smart, connected or automated.

Joanne - Management

Joanne is a versatile project manager and tech founder with experience managing £5m+ business/public sector grants. She now oversees many of equiwatt's operations and staffing. Joanne rarely relaxes for long, spending her time off as active as possible via running 150+ parkruns, tap and Latin dancing, spinning and gardening.

Danny - Revenue

Danny is an accomplished executive with expertise in global sales, business development, and strategic relationships. He excels in software platform creation for profitable growth and scaling start-up innovations. He has a strong track record in leading multi-million-dollar projects in sustainability areas like Energy, Climate, Smart Cities, and Industry 4.0.

Mahen - Tech

Mahen has been creating tech startups since he was 16, and is dedicated to bringing products to life with great design. Born & raised in Sri Lanka, he created one of the country's first mobile apps to receive angel funding. When not at the PC, he is found doing yoga, meditating or with his face pressed to his camera.

Mark - Marketing

Born and raised in the South West of England, Mark is a self-confessed foodie, with a passion for spending time with his family, sports, music and the great outdoors. A marketer by trade, Mark has a real interest in technology’s role in helping us all live more sustainably.

Shubham - Product

Shubham has a passion for travel, enjoying the diversity of cultures and flavours that the world has to offer. His love for food knows no bounds and he is always on the lookout for new and exciting dishes to try. When not out and about, you can find him glued to the screen, playing his favourite video games.

Kasun - Tech

Kasun is a Software Engineer from Sri Lanka with a passion for web development, data engineering and machine learning. He has helped many startups take products to market during the last 10 years. When not coding he likes to read things on money, economics, politics or history.

Yasas - Tech

Yasas, a versatile software engineer, is passionate about software development, IoT, and Machine Learning. Always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies, he consistently evolves to stay at the forefront. Beyond the world of technology, Yasas finds pleasure in DIY projects and learning to play guitar, creating a perfect harmony between work and leisure.

Sudhanshu - Intern

Sudhanshu is a Masters student of Renewable energy at Newcastle University. He is passionate about climate change and understands the need for businesses to fight it. He is an avid foodie, adventurer and professional mountaineer.

Ravneet - Co-Founder

Ravneet currently works with ORE Catapult managing £multi-million innovation programmes in energy. She is a cleantech ninja obsessed with supporting innovations that can change the world for good. She is an equality and diversity champion who loves to travel, explore and eat exquisite food!

Owen - Chair

Owen is an experienced Executive and Investor with a wealth of experience in successfully growing Start-ups and SME's. He is particularly passionate about helping young entrepreneurs to bring new exciting and sustainable technologies to market.

Help Centre

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