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We are on a mission to create a better world where clean energy is accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our story


Equiwatt is inspired by the first-hand energy experiences of founders Johnson Fernandes and Ravneet Kaur. They set out on a mission in 2015 to find a solution to the frequent power cuts and blackouts that were part of growing up in India. In many such places, energy is a privilege and not a right and they found it shocking that millions live daily without electricity.

An initial interest in the potential of clean energy led them to realise that peak time strain on the grid system was in fact the core problem. And this problem exists all over the world to differing degrees. What had never been addressed was the role that households could play. For example, reducing household energy usage at peak times and shifting it to times when cleaner, renewable energy is more abundant is something every home can support.

The founders focussed on digital technology to empower households and worked towards  developing a solution accessible to millions, without the high cost typically associated with the likes of solar panels or electric vehicles.

Equiwatt was established in 2017 with a platform and app that helps consumers across the UK to save energy at peak times. We want to build the world’s largest virtual power plant. That means switching off community member appliances at the same time to have the biggest collective impact possible on reducing household CO2 emissions. Better still, we reward people for doing their bit towards creating a better world that we hope one day will make clean energy more accessible and affordable to all.




We live and breath energy, whether it's thinking of new ways to help consumers to be more energy efficient or breaking new barriers with residential DSR!

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Our team

Founder & CEO
Johnson is a techie at heart with a passion for impact through entrepreneurship. He strongly believes in exponential innovation and is a cleantech fanatic. His eyes light up when he hears good food, live music, scenic walks or anything that's smart, connected or automated.
Geoff is a self-confessed smart gadget addict with over 20 devices connected to his home WiFi! He is a technology marketer with an entrepreneurial streak who gets outdoors whenever possible on bike or foot and loves food, music and normal world socialising.
Product Manager
Atzin is passionate about energy and sustainability. Born and raised in Mexico City, Edinburgh is Atzin's second home where she completed a masters in Energy, Society & Sustainability by the University of Edinburgh. Imperfect environmentalist, active hiker, runner and outdoors lover.
Technology Lead
Mahen has been creating tech startups since he was 16, and is dedicated to bringing products to life with great design. Born & raised in Sri Lanka, he created one of the country's first mobile apps to receive angel funding. When not at the PC, he is found doing yoga, meditating or with his face pressed to his camera.
Kadri Ann
Marketing Assistant
Kadri Ann is a first class marketer with an expertise in supporting technology start-ups and their communities. An Estonian national and fluent in 3 languages, she is a keen dancer and can often be found walking at the top of a hill in any beautiful countryside.
PHD researcher
Joe is a PhD Student within the Power Systems Research Group at Newcastle University. His interest lies in how energy informatics and data science are applied to demand response. Research topics include graph and time-series deep learning on energy data.
Ravneet currently works with ORE Catapult managing £multi-million innovation programmes in energy. She is a cleantech ninja obsessed with supporting innovations can change the world for good.  She is an equality and diversity champion who loves to travel, explore and eat exquisite food!

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