Reduce pollution from dirty power plants.

The Virtual Power Plant created by your appliances is used to offset the use of dirty polluting power plants that are otherwise used during times of peak demand.


Save money, earn rewards & help the planet.

Earning rewards for saving energy has never been this easy. And the best part is that you're helping the planet while earning money!


The easiest way to act together to make an impact.

Imagine getting everyone in your entire city, or even your neighbourhood, to reduce energy use at the same time. You can't? equiwatt does this with ease.

Watch your peak time energy use go down, and your rewards go up.

An app for everyone

No matter who your energy supplier is, if you have a smart meter and half-hourly readings, you can track your energy usage and get rewarded with our free app.


equivent notification

powerDOWN event notifications

Get a powerDOWN notification when the power grid is experiencing peak demand or producing lots of CO2.


Earn rewards with any appliance

Make any energy consuming appliance in your home rewarding with equiwatt by simply turning them off when you receive a powerDOWN notification.

Earn points based on energy saved

Earn points for every powerDOWN event you participate in according to the energy you reduce compared to normal.

equivent participation screen

equivent participation screen

Redeem points for rewards you want

You can redeem points for eGift vouchers from well-known retailers such as John Lewis and Amazon or support green projects and charities in our gift store.

Compete & multiply your earnings

Compete on our leaderboards & other exciting monthly competitions hosted by equiwatt to win even more prizes & points!

See how much our users earn

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Got a question? 

Do I need to change my energy supplier?

You don't need to change energy suppliers or have a special tariff to be a part of the equiwatt community! equiwatt is a free app that can be used by any household in the UK.

Do I need a smart meter to take part?

You will need a working electric smart meter and half-hourly readings enabled to take part so we can verify how much energy you’ve managed to save.

What are powerDOWN events?

powerDOWN evets are peak time energy events during which equiwatt alerts you to shift your home's energy consumption. Once the event ends you will earn rewards for avoiding the use of expensive, polluting energy.

What rewards can I earn?

The equiwatt Gift Store features an ever-growing range of rewards to redeem with your equiwatt points. From eGift cards to support the amazing work of organisations such as GlobalGiving and the World Land Trust to vouchers for retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Please Note: This is an example of some of the rewards on offer in the equiwatt in-app Gift Store. Please visit the app to see our most up-to-date rewards offerings

Join us on our mission to revolutionise energy & reach net zero

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