Jul 11, 2024

Paris 2024: The Greenest in History?

The world is watching as Paris gears up to host the 2024 Games, promising to be the greenest in history. For environmentally conscious consumers, sports enthusiasts, and sustainable innovators, the Paris Games represent a groundbreaking moment in the intersection of sports and sustainability. Aligned with the 2020 Agenda, the Games are taking bold steps across energy, transport, food, and venue management to reduce their environmental impact and inspire positive change.

Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

Paris 2024 is making waves by committing to 100% renewable energy. The Athlete’s Village will be powered by geothermal and solar energy, cutting down on carbon emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Diesel generators are being replaced with alternatives like biofuel, hydrogen, or battery-powered solutions, paving the way for future events to follow.

Revolutionising Food Choices

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy. With a commitment to doubling the plant-based options and cutting single-use plastics in half, Paris 2024 is showing us how event catering can be both delicious and eco-friendly. By sourcing 80% of ingredients from local farms—25% within 250 km of the venues—the Games support local agriculture and slash their carbon footprint.

Tackling Carbon Emissions

Paris 2024 has set a bold goal: to halve its carbon footprint to around 1.75 million tonnes of CO2. This ambitious target covers every aspect of the Games, from construction and energy use to transportation and procurement. The strategy includes carbon offsets through investments in environmental and social projects, further demonstrating their dedication to sustainability.

Embracing Reuse and Recycling

Most events will be held in existing buildings or temporary structures, with new venues like the Aquatics Centre built using recycled materials. This approach embodies a circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled. Even in the Athlete’s Village, creativity shines through with mattresses made from recycled fishing nets and bed bases from reinforced cardboard.

Nurturing Urban Biodiversity

Paris 2024 is not just about the Games; it’s about making the city greener. Nearly 9,000 trees will be planted around the Athlete’s Village, and rooftops will host enclosures for insects and birds. These efforts support biodiversity and beautify the urban landscape, transforming Paris into a greener, more vibrant city.

Greening Transportation

The Games are set to transform urban mobility with 1,000 km of new cycle lanes and the planting of 200,000 new trees. With 80% of venues within 10 km of the athlete accommodation and a fleet of electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-powered vehicles, Paris 2024 is making it easier for everyone to get around sustainably.

Building a Circular Economy and Strong Communities

Paris 2024 is about more than the Games; it's about lasting positive change. The focus on reducing, renting, and reusing resources means fewer emissions and a lower environmental impact. Post-Games, the athlete village will become a vibrant residential and business district, providing housing and infrastructure improvements that benefit local communities long-term.

Join the Journey with equiwatt

The Paris 2024 Games are proof that large-scale events can be kind to our planet while inspiring greener choices. At equiwatt, we’re excited by these initiatives and committed to helping you make sustainable choices in your daily life. Join our events, download our app, and together, let's create a brighter, greener future.

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Through smart choices in energy use, food options, emissions reduction, recycling, biodiversity, and transportation, Paris 2024 is setting a powerful example. Whether you’re passionate about protecting our environment, a fan of the Games, or an advocate for innovation, these Games show us what’s possible when we work together for a common goal.

Let’s take inspiration from Paris 2024 and keep pushing for sustainability in all areas of our lives. Every step we take makes a difference! 🌿