Feb 03, 2022

PwC identifies equiwatt in Net Zero Future50 report.


At equiwatt, our daily focus is on helping our household users to better understand how changes to their energy usage can make a rewarding difference to them. This can be both individually in the form of carbon footprint and rewards as well as collectively as part of a community helping to reduce grid pressure and reach Net-Zero.

Constantly creating a better ‘climate tech’ experience for our customers is always our top priority and the support and ideas of our users keep pushing our whole team to do better things. We are constantly being challenged to innovate and (like all good tech startups) always have a wish list of things that we wanted to deliver yesterday! Like everyone, we sometimes get frustrated at not being able to go fast enough or do things better but we get a constant source of inspiration from both our users and our peers that keeps us driven to achieve our collective ambitions.

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Our latest inspiration came from PwC in the form of their Future50 Net Zero report that was published last week and identifies 50 climate tech startups in the UK with the opportunity to decarbonise across all sectors in our drive to reach Net Zero ambitions.

Highlights from the Future50 Net Zero report 

The report evaluated the scalability, market opportunity, Net Zero impact and market maturity of UK startups operating across eight different sectors from Mobility and Built Environment to Financial Services and Manufacturing. equiwatt are proud to have been identified as one of eleven startups in the energy sector.

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GHG emissions by sector - PwC Future 50 Net Zero report Jan 2022

The report also includes investment by sector, barriers to entry and growth areas for technology that, in the case of energy, includes opportunities in grid management and microgrids. Interestingly, Mobility and Transport contribute 26.9% of UK GHG but received 75% more UK VC Investment than Energy during a 12 month period between 2021 and 2022.

To have gained this recognition is a reminder that without innovation we will not make the difference needed that was so starkly set out in the recent COP26 conference. PwC themselves recently reported that there ‘needed to be a doubling of capital requirements for existing UK infrastructure investment across energy, water and telecoms to be capable of reaching Net Zero’. We believe passionately that investing in accessible yet rewarding technologies that help influence change in the behaviour of household consumers can make this difference.

The varied innovation across the energy sector is exciting to see and it was great that a cross-section of those startups involved were included in the report including hydrogen storage technology from H2Go Power, capacitive transfer system cabling from enertechnos and grid-scale trading for battery storage from Habitat Energy.

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We are not standing still ourselves and since the report was published we have launched our brand new beta Smart Charging app for EV drivers which sits alongside our existing Smart Home app to automate more intelligent EV charging for householders during times when energy is greenest and more affordable.

Own an electric vehicle and interested in trying the equiwatt EV app? Click here to find out more and join the beta.