The smarter way to charge your EV.

Earn rewards. Save money. Reduce carbon.  

Smart charging your EV at home has never been more rewarding or greener than with the new equiwatt EV Smart Charging App.



Try our  app to reduce energy bills and earn rewards to a value of more than £150 a year when you charge your EV at home


Here's how it works

Three simple steps to set up our app
and start rewarding yourself for smart charging.


Connect EV

Securely connect your compatible EV to equiwatt using manufacturer credentials so we can communicate with it.


Set preferences

Have your car ready when you need it by setting charge times, battery level preferences or using our override control.


Automated charging

Automated Smart charging and equivent participation fit with the needs of you and the national grid.


Make a difference to you and the planet


Earn rewards


Save money


Reduce Carbon


Community impact

How equiwatt makes a difference

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  • Earn smart charging rewards

    Earn points to a value of more than £150 a year and redeem for rewards in our gift store.

  • Reduce carbon footprint

    Charging your EV during off-peak times helps reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

  • Save energy bill costs

    Charge your EV when your energy tariff is cheapest to help reduce energy bills.

  • Community impact

    equivents pause charging for all EVs in our community simultaneously for a bigger collective CO2 impact.

Easy to use EV charging experience built for you

Tariff charging light mode
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charging light mode
EV App Screenshots (375 x 812 px) (355 × 663px)
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Frequently asked Questions

equiwatt help households across the UK to use energy more intelligently. We automatically manage the power of household appliances and other devices to reduce energy usage at peak times. We have now extended our service to the management of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

By joining our community, you take part in equivents - regular energy saving events that collectively help to reduce CO2 and support the UK's energy transition.

You get full control of your smart charging preferences so you can be confident that your EV will always be ready when you need it.

You can earn points to the value of at least £150 a year for taking part in Equivents which can be redeemed for rewards in our gift store such as vouchers, gadgets, and more.

You can link your account to a dynamic energy tariff to help reduce your energy bill.

The app currently supports the following electric vehicle brands:*

    • Tesla
    • Audi (Q4 e-tron not compatible)
    • BMW
    • VW  (ID series not compatible)
    • Skoda (Enyaq not compatible)
    • Jaguar
    • Volvo (C40 - XC40 Recharge not compatible)
    • Renault (Twizy not compatible)
    • Porsche Taycan
    • Mini
    • Seat

      * Some model years may not be compatible at present.

My car is not currently supported - can I join a waiting list?

We are adding new EV's regularly so if you would like to try our app, but your car is not currently supported, please fill in this form and we will contact you when your car is added.

A beta programme allows early users to try out brand new apps and provide feedback and ideas before officially launching to the public on an app store.

User input to the equiwatt EV beta app will help us to understand your needs and find improvements that will make it an even better experience for you.

The equiwatt EV app has a feedback mechanism built into the app called 'Shake' - look out for the circle floating on screens where you can create tickets for feedback and share screenshots. 


We connect with your EV and automatically charge it when energy is at its greenest and cheapest. We will also pause your vehicle charging for periods of up to 1 hour if it is charging during peak times when energy is more expensive or most carbon generating. We call these times, Equivents. during which you will earn points according to the amount of energy saved. If you have a dynamic tariff, such as Time of Use tariff, you will be able to set the app to automatically charge your EV according to your tariff rates.

Find out more here.

No. For the time being, we will only pause your EV when it is charging at your home charge point. 

For the purposes of this trial, EV smart charging will be managed via a dedicated EV app but will ultimately be integrated with the current equiwatt Smart Home App to provide one single equiwatt app experience.

If you already have an equiwatt account, you will be able to sign in to the EV smart charging app with the same credentials. Your EV smart charging points will be also reflected in your points balance via the equiwatt Smart Home app (please note, EV points will not count towards the monthly Leaderboard during the trial).

Download the equiwatt EV smart charging app today