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What are Spot Prizes?

Spot Prizes are a range of one-off prizes that reward equiwatt users for meeting specific criteria during an equivent. From bonus points to prizes, there are lots of extra ways to get rewarded with Spot Prizes!

Here at Equiwatt, we are aware that our community of energy savers is made up of a range of different people with different circumstances. From different size houses to varying types of connected appliances.

That is why we have introduced 'Spot Prizes'; a range of one-off prizes that can be won for meeting specific criteria during an Equivent. The criteria won't always be the same so that everyone has a chance to earn extra rewards for saving energy and CO2 with us!

Whether it is getting rewarded for connecting specific appliances or achieving set CO2 or energy-saving goals, our 'Spot Prizes' will give all of our users the chance to earn bonus points and prizes each month!

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Full terms and conditions for Spot Prizes and Equiwatt's other prizes can be found here