Which appliances can take part in Equivents?

Fridges and freezers are the easiest and most impactful appliances to take part, but other high usage appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryer all have great energy saving potential at peak times.

  • Fridges and freezers - switched on 24/7, these two appliances can earn you the best rewards. Food has been proven to be safe for up to 3 hours in a fridge without power which means a 60-minute Equivent is perfect!
  • Tumble dryers and washing machines - tumble dryer owners use the dryer up to 150 times every year. The high-powered heating element in tumble dryers makes them the next best appliance to earn rewards with Equiwatt.
  • Power strips - Power strips are a great way to turn off multiple devices at the same time. For users with Smart Plugs, if you only plug one thing into them and it’s not one of the above then you may be doing the Smart Plug an injustice.  Maximise your savings by attaching a number of high energy usage appliances to a power strip/extension lead and plug that into your Smart Plug.

Please get in touch if:

  • You have an appliance that uses high levels of energy on a constant basis to determine if it qualifies.
  • You have an electric vehicle, a battery, a heat pump or another energy asset.