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How can my EV participate in equivents?

Follow the instructions below to set up your EV to participate in equivents.

  1. Connect /link / add your EV to the equiwatt app by following the steps in the manage screen (Toggle icon).
  2. Once your EV is linked and your home location is set, you will be directed to select your smart charging schedule. Leave the equivents toggle that is set by default as ON. *
  3. Set your battery’s minimum level. Your EV will not participate in equivents and your charging will not be paused if your battery is below that percentage. 

NOTE: *You can opt-in or out of equivents participation at any time by switching the toggle on or off. 

Your EV will be ready to participate if an equivent starts when:

  • Your EV is plugged in and charging
  • You are charging at home
  • The battery level is above your selected preference