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How can I earn more points?

There are a number of ways to make sure that you are saving as much energy and CO2 as possible when taking part in equivents - the more energy you save, the more points you earn!

1. Connect to a higher consuming appliance

The more energy an appliance uses, the higher its carbon footprint will be as more electricity needs to be generated to power it. Since points are awarded based on how much CO2 and energy your appliance has saved during an equivent, one of the best ways to earn more points by participating in equivents is to make sure that your Smart Plug is connected to a high energy-consuming appliance.

For example, connecting a Smart Plug to a lamp or mobile phone charger will not save much energy when it is switched off during an equivent, as it doesn’t use much energy in the first place. However, connecting a fridge/freezer, electric drying rack, electric heater, washing machine or tumble dryer will save much more energy and CO2 when participating in an equivent and therefore earn you more points! 

The table below shows the average energy consumption of a range of typical household appliances to give you a sense of which high consuming appliances you could connect.

Appliance Average Power Rating (Watts) Average points per equivent (approx)* Average points value in a month*
Tumble Dryer 2000-3000 W 75 600
Washing Machine 1200-3000 W 74 592
Electric Heater 500-3000 W 60 480
Dishwasher 1050–1500 W 74 592
Water Feature 60-950 W 28-40 224-320
Dehumidifier 300-700 W 40-60 320-480
Heated Drying Rack 300 W 50 400
Fridge / Freezer 200-400 W 12-50 96-400
Television 125-200 W 30 340
Games Console 45-190 W 16-30 128-240
Laptop 20-65 W 16 128
Lamp 5-60W 12 96
Phone Charger 2.5-5.0 W 2 16

This table lists common appliances and a typical power rating or a range (the actual power rating can vary depending on size and model). Average power data taken from the Centre for Sustainable Energy Generatorist.

*The points total per equivent / during a typical month are just a guide based on averages taken from our community. The points totals are based on each appliance participating in every equivent in a month for the full duration.

2. Connect to an appliance that you use a lot

Although connecting a high energy-consuming appliance is an important step to saving the most amount of energy and CO2 possible (and therefore earning more points), it is also important to consider the frequency with which an appliance is used. 

For example, cyclical appliances like a washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer consume a lot of energy but they are only on for a couple of hours at a time. As equivents happen for up to 1 hour periods, 2-3 times a week, you need to consider whether these appliances are likely to be on when an equivent occurs. 

If you regularly wash clothes or use your tumble dryer, it would be a good idea to connect these appliances to your Smart Plug as they would save a lot of energy and CO2 by participating in equivents and earn you a lot of points in the process.

On the other hand, if you rarely use your washing machine, you might find that you will save more energy by connecting an appliance that is in use more frequently. An excellent example of this would be a fridge or freezer as they consume power pretty much 24/7 and are therefore much more likely to earn you points.

3. Connect more plugs

One of the easiest ways to save more energy with equiwatt is to connect more devices to the app. The best way to do this is by connecting additional appliances to more Smart Plugs. It probably seems pretty obvious but the more plugs that you connect, the more energy and CO2 you will save. You will also have the added benefit of earning more points from each equivent too! 

Although Smart Plugs might seem like an investment, when you consider that they can be used to remotely switch off your connected appliances, be set to timers and help you save more energy and reduce your carbon footprint by participating in equivents, it is easy to see how they are worth the investment.

TIP: TP-Link KP115 Smart plugs can be purchased from us here

An alternative tip is to connect an extension lead to a Smart Plug in the wall then plug 2 appliances into the extension lead. For example, if you have a fridge and freezer standing next to each other, then plug them into the same extension and one single Smart Plug will mean both appliances take part in an equivent.

4. Make the most of seasonal appliances

Although you may have access to a high consuming appliance in your home all throughout the year, we know that there are many in the equiwatt community that do not.

Instead rather than simply plugging in an appliance and forgetting about it, one of the best ways to make sure that you are maximising your points earnings throughout the year is to make the most of seasonal appliances!

For example, do you regularly use a fan or portable A/C unit in the summer? Perhaps you have a water feature or inflatable jacuzzi that you only use seasonally? Or maybe you like to keep your house nice and toasty warm with an electric heater during the winter months? If the answer to these questions is yes then you may find that switching out your appliances for seasonal alternatives is an easy way to maximise your points earnings whilst saving a bit of energy too!

5. Invite your friends to join equiwatt

As well as earning more points from connecting the right appliance or adding multiple smart plugs to your equiwatt account, another great way to earn more points is to invite your friends to join equiwatt!

By using your unique 4 digit referral code when they register a new account and sign up to equiwatt, both you and your friends can earn bonus points when they connect a new smart plug or electric vehicle for the first time - simple! 

Click here to find out more information about our referral scheme and to see how many points you could earn.