May 08, 2019

Opening your electricity bill can be just like a game of ‘Play Your Cards Right’. Are you going higher or lower?

Why does your bill vary so much from month to month? If you are one of the estimated 11 million UK households on a variable rate default tariff, then your energy rates change on a monthly basis according to the wholesale price of energy from the generators to the suppliers.

So many factors can affect the spot price of electricity: the weather, industrial use, even whether Coronation Street is on. Most providers don’t have the flexibility to reflect this alteration in their monthly prices, so you can end up paying vastly over the odds at quieter times. With the profits reported by energy companies continuing to dominate headlines, you can see that just like in a casino: the house almost always wins.

That's where Equiwatt is different. Our technology provides you with a solution to more efficiently manage your energy usage through what we call Demand Side Response management. It’s a simple idea and you can read more about it here.

With Equiwatt, you get paid for any savings you make in energy usage during peak times. That means you can significantly offset your energy bill costs with just a few simple changes. It's energy saving that pays. And it’s one of the biggest innovations in household energy usage for a generation.

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