Jun 27, 2019

5 top tips for Electric Vehicle owners

If you're an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner or thinking about buying one, then you'll know that the internet is full of good, bad and generally confusing information. We've used our knowledge of electricity and energy management to filter the good stuff for you and have compiled the 5 top tips for owning and using an EV. 

1. Don’t overcharge or let it go flat

Lithium-ion batteries work best between 30% and 90% of their capacity. For a prolonged and happy life, try to keep your electric vehicle charging within this range when possible.

2. Heat is not your car's friend

Hot weather, especially charging in hot weather can be detrimental to your battery life. So where possible, keep the battery cool and charge undercover and out of direct sunlight.

3. Find your local free charge points

Free charge points (in the UK) will not be around forever. Find your nearest and incorporate it into your lifestyle. One of our users drives to a free charge point every morning at 7 am and incorporates a dog walk at the same time. Two birds with one stone. Check out the zapmap app to find your nearest free charging point.

4. When you travel away, make sure you are topped up

If you leave your car at home when you head off on holiday, make sure you leave it at 90% battery charge. You will lose charge every day that you're away. So make sure you're not caught out when you return if you need to head out for some milk!

5. Get smart with your charging and earn some extra cash

Your car battery can earn you money. It's almost too good to be true. Check out our website to see how we make this possible for you!

All things considered, owning an EV is a great thing for the world and your tech credibility, so enjoy!