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What is the Manual Control Prize Draw?

The Manual Control Prize Draw gives equiwatt users who manually participate in equivents the chance to earn 2000 bonus points each month!

The Manual Control Prize Draw enables equiwatt users to earn 2000 bonus points for participating in equivents by manually switching their appliances off and on.

At the end of every month, the prize draw randomly draws a winner from all entries that have been awarded to appliances set up for manual control during equivents.

Every manual control participation in an equivent (regardless of the number and type of appliances switched off and registered) will reward a user with 1 (one) entry into the monthly prize draw.

For example:

Manual participation in 1 equivent = 1 entry
Manual Participation In 6 equivents = 6 entries

The manual control prize draw entries leaderboard resets to zero at the end of every month.

Full terms and conditions can be found here for the equiwatt monthly prizes.