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How will I know when there is an equivent?

You will receive a notification on the app when an equivent has begun.

Every time we run an equivent, we will send you a notification via the app to let you know when it has started.

If you have an electric vehicle (EV) connected to equiwatt or a home appliance connected to equiwatt's platform using a smart plug and opted-in for equivents, your participation will be automatic.

NOTE: Click here to find out more about automatic participation or 'Smart Control'.

You can see how much time is left on the equivent by opening the app and heaping to the home page. A blue countdown clock in the top lefthand corner will display the time remaining in the event.

iPhone Main hero imageFor those of you who don't have a smart plug or EV connected to the equiwatt app, you can participate manually in equivents.

NOTE: Click here to find out more about manual participation.

Once an equivent has ended you will receive another notification to let you know as well notification providing a summary of your energy savings, CO2 reduction and points earnings (if applicable).