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What is the difference between Smart and Manual Control?

Equivent participation means you can earn points and win prizes whilst saving energy and reducing CO2. There are two different ways to take part in Equivents - Smart Control and Manual Control.

Here is a quick explanation of each control and how you use them:


TP-Link KP115 Smart Plug Landscape

When you set up your appliances, you can decide which appliances you would like to turn off using Smart Contol (via a compatible TP-Link Smart plug) to take part in Equivents.

When an Equivent starts, your appliance will automatically turn itself off at the start of the Equivent and switch itself back on at the end of the Equivent*.

*TIP: Depending on the speed and reach of your WiFi, it can take a couple of minutes at the beginning of an Equivent for us to connect to your Smart Plug to switch it off, so don't worry if it doesn't switch off straight away!

With a Smart Plug you can:

  • Adjust the length of time that your appliance takes part in an Equivent (choose between 30-60 mins) in the 'Equivent Preferences' settings.
  • Opt-out from Equivents if you would prefer your appliance not to take part
  • Earn points from every Equivent that your appliance participates in.
  • Unlock extra monthly rewards and prizes.

You will then be automatically awarded points according to how long your appliance took part in the Equivent and the amount of energy and CO2 it has saved.

The users who finish in the top 3 of the Smart Control Leaderboard at the end of each month will earn either 1500, 1000 or 500 bonus points depending on where they finish in the table. Any Smart Control user who earns 50 points in a month but doesn't finish in the top 3 of the leaderboard will be entered into the Smart Control Lucky Dip!

The table below gives you an idea of how many points are on offer each month for participating in Equivents via Smart and Manual Control.

Points On Offer Manual Vs Smart

*NOTE: The monthly points earned from smart control equivents are an average based on a user connecting their smart plug to a fridge/freezer and participating in 90% of events during the month.


Manually Switching off

When you set up your appliances, you can select which appliances you would like to turn off using Manual Control to take part in Equivents (they can be updated any time).

TIP: Click here to find out how to set up your Manual Control appliances for equivent participation for the first time.

When an Equivent starts, you can take part by physically turning off a qualifying appliance at the plug - for example, if your electric heater is registered as an appliance you need to:

  • Go and turn it off at the plug point when you receive a notification in the app that an Equivent is starting
  • Tick the ‘Electric Heater’ box in the Manual Control tab so we know you’ve switched off
  • Switch the appliance back on when you get an alert that the Equivent has ended (or whenever is convenient for you during the 60 mins event).

You will then be automatically awarded an entry to our monthly prize draw for every Equivent you take part in using Manual Control (entries are per Equivent and not per appliance).