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Can I participate in the DFS scheme with more than one provider?

No. As per National Grid guidelines, households can only participate in DFS events via one provider for the whole winter scheme. Please read on if you have signed to other schemes.

If you have opted in to other schemes and you want to continue participating and earning points with equiwatt, you will need to explicitly opt-out from any other scheme that you are signed up to and let us know when you have done this (if you haven't already).  
The easiest way to do this is to email the provider of the other scheme directly to let them know that you wish to opt out of their scheme.
Any points earnt through DFS will be put on hold until we receive a confirmation of having opted out from other schemes.
Alternatively, if you wish to stop taking part in National Grid DFS events with equiwatt, please email us at
Please note:
  • equiwatt is the provider that pays the highest level of rewards for participating in the National Grid DFS scheme, with no restrictions on minimum amounts of electricity saved.
  • We also enable you to earn points for other flexibility services all year round, whilst many providers may stop running and paying for events at the end of the DFS scheme in March.
  • equiwatt also enables you to earn points regardless of your energy supplier, should you choose to switch at any point.