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How it works

The equiwatt app connects with smart plugs and electric vehicles to automatically switch off household appliances or pause EV charging during peak time energy events called equivents. You earn points and rewards according to the amount of energy and CO2 saved. Simple as that.

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Register with your referral code

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  1. Download and register
    Install our free app and register using the referral code you were sent.
  2. Connect EVs or appliances
    Connect your EV or home appliances to equiwatt to earn your referral bonus points.
  3. Participate
    Automatically take part in equivents (energy saving events) or smart charging.
  4. Earn Points
    Earn points according to the energy and CO2 you save or when you smart charge.
  5. Redeem Points & Win Prizes
    Spend points in our gift store and win prizes in our monthly leaderboard and prize draws.
TP-Link KP115 Smart Plug

Earn yourself a smart plug

The smartest way to earn rewards with equiwatt is to automate appliance participation in equivents with a smart plug. To help you get started, we’re giving you the chance to buy a plug and earn back its value (worth £20) by participating in 10 equivents!


250 tonnes

of CO2 saved by 1000 equiwatt homes every year


360 kWh

of peak energy saved by 1000 equiwatt homes every year


Over £150

worth of points can be earned every year per household

Make a difference to your pocket and the planet




Earn points, redeem for gifts and win prizes according to peak energy reductions




Changing when you use appliances or charge your EV helps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint

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Energy Systems

Help to balance peak time demand on our grid & modernize our systems




Energy saving events happen simultaneously for a bigger collective CO2 impact

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Help Centre

Visit our help centre to learn more about how to use, and get the most out of equiwatt.