Partnering with equiwatt provides commercial, environmental and customer value via the UK’s first residential demand side response service.

Partners we work with


Energy suppliers

Bespoke programmes provide additional value for loyal customers and reward them for energy saving actions whilst generating cost efficiency and wholesale revenue opportunities.



Revenue and trading opportunities are provided by demand side response at a residential level generated by a loyal and engaged consumer community.



Integrations with our platform open up new applications for existing solutions that provide greater value for customers, develop new markets and share insights.

Electric Charger

Electric Vehicles
and chargers

Provide value to customers through integrations that deliver smarter, cheaper and greener ways to charge electric vehicles in a personalised way.



We work with universities, industry bodies and energy sector programmes to help collectively understand how consumer behaviour can impact our ambitions to modernise our systems and achieve Net Zero.

Working with some fantastic Partners

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How it works

equivents are energy saving events that help to reduce demand on the grid at peak times by automatically pausing the energy usage of household appliances and electric vehicle charging.


250 tonnes

of CO2 saved by 1000 equiwatt homes every year


360 kWh

of peak energy saved by every equiwatt home every year


Over £150

worth of points can be earned every year per household


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