My MPAN is correct but is showing up as invalid

If your MPAN is showing as invalid then there are a couple of things to try. Read on to find out more.

The most obvious thing to check is that you are definitely entering the correct number for your MPAN. The best way to do this is to locate your MPAN

Your MPAN can be found either on your electricity bill or on your in-home display (IHD). You can get help locating your MPAN on your IHD here.

TIP: Your MPAN is also known as your electricity supply number

Every electricity bill includes your MPAN number, with the numbers being on the bottom row (highlighted in white in our image below).

MPAN example v2If you don’t have an electricity bill to hand, you can phone your electricity supplier and they will be able to give you your MPAN.

If you are certain that your MPAN is correct but is showing as invalid then please send us an email at