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How do I earn points with my EV?

Points are awarded in a number of ways, including participating in equivents and charging according to your tariff. Read on to learn more.

There are a number of ways to earn points and redeem gifts with your EV:


The easiest way to earn points with your EV is to take part in equivents.

During equivents, we temporarily pause your EV's charging for 1 hr, when electricity is more carbon-intensive and expensive or when the grid is under significant pressure.

Every time your EV participates in an equivent, you will earn points according to the amount of peak energy and CO2 your EV has saved by pausing its charging.

Depending on your chargers power consumption and the make and model of your EV we would expect you to earn between 70 to 105 points per equivent.

Tariff-based charging

If you have a time of use tariff (ToU), you can also earn points for charging your EV according to your energy supplier’s tariffs peak and off-peak hours. We call this tariff-based charging.

Every day that your EV charges according to this schedule you will be awarded 50 points. 

PLEASE NOTE: You can opt-in to both equivents and tariff-based charging to maximise your points earnings!

Earn points every day

As well as earning points from equivents and tariff-based charging, EV users can also earn points every day by having their car connected to the equiwatt app and plugged in and ready to charge.

Every day that your EV is plugged in and ready to participate in equivents you will be awarded 10 points!

Want to earn points for saving energy at home?

As well as rewarding you for saving energy with your EV, equiwatt can also help you earn points for saving energy inside your house.

Click here to find out more about points earnings with our smart home app.