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Why should I take part in the National Grid DFS with equiwatt?

The free equiwatt app can help you get rewarded for saving energy all year round in the home and with your EV, regardless of your supplier.

We believe there are plenty of good reasons to choose equiwatt as your provider for the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service (DFS).

1) Experience - The equiwatt community has been pioneering peak time energy saving for more than 3 years and 300+ equivents. We have also received plenty of recognition for our work, including being featured on Sky News and have been awarded grant funding from the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF9) through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP)!

2) Easy to use app - Our free app is the easiest way to save energy all year round, track your CO2 impact and automate appliance or EV charging participation. We put the power of your smart meter in your pocket and make changing your energy habits fun and rewarding!

3) Available to everyone - We are energy supplier agnostic so no matter who your supplier is or if you happen to change supplier in the future, you will always be able to use our app and get rewarded for shifting your electricity usage with us.

4) Automation - Not keen on the idea of having to walk around your home switching everything off every time there is a DFS event? Good news! You can automate participation in our peak time energy events via a number of smart integrations including smart plugs, EVs, IFTTT, webhooks and our Open API!

You can learn more about automating your participation in equivents here.

5) Join the community - Right from the beginning we have been very focused on taking a community approach to everything we do. Whether it is seeking feedback on new integrations and features or running polls on what gifts we should add to the app, we make sure to keep our community of users involved in everything we do.

With our community forum and leaderboards, we make it clear that everything we do is a collective effort. On our own, we are limited in the impact we can have but as a collective, we can make a real difference!