Why do I need to reconfirm my address?

To keep taking part in our energy-saving events you will need to reconfirm your address every two years

When you register your smart meter in the equiwatt app, you agree to allow equiwatt (via our data partner N3rgy) to request and gather the energy usage data that is available from the smart meter registered at your location for an initial 24-month period.

Towards the end of this 24-month period, equiwatt will ask for the revalidation of your address.

If your address is not revalidated within 24 months, equiwatt will discontinue collecting any new data from that point, and you will not be able to use the equiwatt app until the address is reconfirmed.

This process will begin again every time your address is confirmed.

If you move to a new address, you will have another 24 months before revalidation is necessary.

equiwatt is required to do this every 24 months as a result of our data partnership with N3rgy, which is a Party to the Smart Energy Code.