Where do I enter my MAC/GUID number from my in-home display (IHD) in the app?

After adding your MPAN number to the app you can add your MAC/GUID number when prompted. See below for guidance.

Where do I add the last 4 digits of my In-home Display (IHD) MAC/GUID number?

The first time you log into the app, you will be guided through setting up your smart meter.

If you need help locating that then please see the steps below:

1) Open the equiwatt app > Go to the 'Manage' tab

Manage Tab2) Select 'Verify your MPAN number'

Verify Your MPAN3) Select 'Connect a Smart Meter'

Connect a smart meter4) Select the blue 'Continue' button

Updated UIs - Connect to smart meter - enter MPAN & energy supplier5) Select the blue button at the bottom of the screen & confirm your consent.

Updated UIs -Consent to access your smart meter data6) Enter your move-in date & select 'continue'

Updated UIs - When did you move into the current property7) Select 'Use my In Home Display' on the verification method selection screen.

Updated UIs - Verify Your Home Address

8) Locate your  In-Home Display's (IHDs) MAC/GUID number ready for the next screen.

App screenshot - user your IHD to verify your address9) Enter the last 4 digits of your IHD's MAC / GUID code

PLEASE NOTE: Any 0s you see are the number zero and not the letter o

Smart Meter Flow - MAC number10) Once you have successfully entered your MAC/GUID number you are all set and ready to go!

Updated UIs - Meter verified screen

PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours for the data from your smart meter to appear in the app. If it takes longer than this, please get in touch with us via the help centre or Community Forum.