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What is tariff-based charging?

Tariff based charging enables you to link your equiwatt account to your energy tariff and automate your EV to charge according to your supplier’s off-peak times.

How does tariff-based charging work?

Simply add your tariff periods and costs and we manage your charging according to those periods. 

Every time you plug in your EV, our platform will perform a charging plan that automatically decides whether charging should commence or be delayed in line with your tariff (to a greener or lower-cost time). The car will need to be plugged in and start charging before our platform processes the decision.

In the background, it checks a series of factors to make that decision, which include:

  • If the EV is charging at the home location set in your app
  • The EV is not below your minimum battery level
  • The EV needs a meaningful amount of charging (e.g. at least 60 minutes or 5% of battery capacity)

This process normally takes 2-3 minutes, but occasionally it can take longer (depending on the communication of our platform with your EV). Once complete, our platform will then pause your charging, or let it continue charging.

TIP: You will need to disable other smart charging schedules from other apps in order for the equiwatt smart charging system to work properly and smoothly.

If the factors are not met, e.g. the EV is not detected at the location set as home in the app, our system will not be able to perform a tariff-based charging session.

Strictly charge in off-peak mode

If you choose this option your EV will charge in your Off-peak tariff period only.

EV Flow - Strictly Charge during off-peak


By enabling this:

  1. You may not be able to reach your desired battery percentage as the time period is restricted to Off-peak hours only.

  2. You may not be able to earn tariff-based charging points as your EV won't be able to complete a successful tariff session.