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What are the environmental benefits of Smart Charging?

Smart charging is crucial to enabling EV users to automatically charge their cars when energy is generated by renewable sources.

Unlike carbon-emitting sources of energy such as gas and coal, renewables are variable sources of energy. This means that they require certain conditions to produce energy, such as sun or wind and cannot easily meet increases in demand on the grid all year round. 

As more of us adopt electric vehicles, we will need to manage when we charge our vehicles to align with the availability of renewable sources (such as wind, hydroelectric and solar) and avoid carbon-emitting energy.

Smart charging is crucial to this as it enables EV users to automatically charge their vehicles when electricity is both greener and cheaper.

With the equiwatt EV app, drivers can input 'Time of Use' tariff information and benefit from the incentives of charging during ‘off-peak’ times, when electricity is cheapest and greenest.