Why does equiwatt need my MPAN/address?

We need your address to be able to award you points for saving energy and processing your gift claims.

There are a couple of reasons that we need you to provide us with your address.

Validate your energy savings to award your points

We need your home address to be able to validate and attribute specific energy savings to a specific household, which allows us to reward you.

As well as this, the parties that provide the funding for rewards, such as network operators, require location data to determine the energy supply and constraints of a specific area, as well as the savings it can provide.

Without having your address we cannot verify that your smart meter, smart plugs or electric vehicle are owned by you and your household.

Process your gift claims & prizes

As well as enabling us to validate your energy and CO2 savings and award you points, having your address is also vital for us to be able to process any gift redeems or prizes that you might have. Without your address, we can't send your gifts to you!