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How much can I save in energy bills a year by smart charging my EV?

Numerous studies, reports and organisations, such as the Energy Saving Trust,  have evidenced that smart charging an EV can save users between £230 and £300 per year compared to charging on a standard energy tariff. 

One of the key benefits of switching to electric vehicles is the lower running costs when compared to a petrol or diesel car.

Although charging an EV to a range of 100 miles will cost approximately £4 to £6 in additional electricity at home, or £8 to £10 if using public charge points, driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car costs between £13 and £16.

Smart charging will result in additional cost savings for electric vehicle drivers because it involves using cheap, low carbon energy. This is achieved by shifting energy demand from peak times, which will also minimize network congestion.

Smart charging has the potential to save the average electric car driver an estimated £230 per year, compared to charging on a standard energy tariff. 

Unlock these benefits by linking your time of use tariff to your account!