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How can I reduce my EV's carbon footprint from charging by using the equiwatt app?

Using the equiwatt app automatically ensures you only charge your EV when energy is at its greenest.

Although EVs produce no emissions when being driven, their increasing number on our roads puts pressure on the grid to meet charging needs at home - particularly at peak times of the day or when the carbon intensity is at its highest on the grid.

Smart charging is now increasingly used to charge your EV when renewable energy sources are more abundant on the grid, such as after windy or sunny periods. This helps to reduce carbon emissions further.

The equiwatt app is compatible with green, EV or Time of use (TOU) energy tariffs and automatically ensures that your EV is charging at times to fit with your tariff (the lowest cost and greenest energy).

Our app also lets you participate in equivents which happen 2-3 times every week across the equiwatt community to collectively reduce peak time energy usage.