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How does Smart Charging with the equiwatt app work?

Smart Charging with the equiwatt app helps you to earn rewards for charging your EV when energy is cheaper and greener.

There are currently two ways to enable smart charging with the equiwatt app:

  1. equivents: We will temporarily pause your EVs charging for a small amount of time (generally 1 hr), when electricity is more carbon-intensive and expensive or when the grid is under significant pressure. We call these events equivents. Every time your EV participates in an equivent, you will earn points according to the amount of peak energy saved.
  2. Tariff-based charging: If you have a time of use tariff, you can add it in the app and we’ll manage your EV charging for you according to your energy supplier’s tariffs peak and off-peak hours. You will be awarded points for every day your EV charges according to this schedule. 

You can opt-in for one or both schedules to maximise your savings and earnings. 

NOTE: You’ll need to disable other smart charging schedules from other apps in order for the equiwatt smart charging system to work properly and smoothly.

Coming Soon: In the future, you’ll also be able to charge your EV using our Carbon intensity-based schedule. Stay tuned!