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How do I share my CO2 & energy savings from an equivent?

Following the instructions below to share your CO2 & energy savings from an equivent.

Follow the steps in the video below to share your CO2 and or energy savings from an equivent with your friends on social media!

  1. Go to the 'Home' tab in the equiwatt app.
    Updated UIs - Participation Screen
  2. Select the 'Events Participated' widget. 
    Updated UIs - Your Participation Screen
  3. Select the blue 'Share Participation' button.
    Updated UIs - Share Participation Screen
  4. Select the blue 'Share' button
  5. Share to your social media platform of choice.

TIP: If you are entering our Spot Prize or any other giveaway that asks you to share your CO2 & energy savings, make sure to tag us (@equiwatt on Facebook & Instagram / @equiwattuk on Twitter ) in your post and use the hashtag #MyequiwattSavings so that we can see your post and enter you into the relevant competition!