Take part in the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) with equiwatt

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Earn additional points during National Grid DFS equivents for saving peak time energy this winter.

The equiwatt community has been saving peak time energy in homes across the UK for more than 3 years and 300+ events.

Our free app is the easiest way for people at home to make a difference to the planet, our energy system and their finances.

As an approved provider to National Grid DFS, equiwatt users can now earn additional points from this exciting new service during specific peak time energy saving equivents this winter.

All you need to take part is a connected smart meter with half-hourly data.

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Why equiwatt?


Earn more points this winter with equivents

Get up to 3x more points during National Grid DFS equivents for beating your household wide energy forecast at peak times of demand.


Any energy supplier customers can take part

We are independent of energy suppliers so anyone with a smart meter and half-hourly reading can choose to take part with equiwatt regardless of who your supplier is. 


Do your bit to balance our grid and help the planet this winter

Help reduce the need for coal powered stand-by power this winter by shifting your peak time energy away from times of peak demand on the grid.


Take part for a chance to win £1000 in points

Every time you take part and earn points in a National Grid DFS equivent, you will earn one entry to a prize draw for the chance to win £1000 in points!*

How do I participate?

DFS Opt In screenshot
  1. Respond
    You will get a notification from the app in advance.
  2. Confirm
    You will need to confirm your participation in the event with equiwatt.
  3. Save
    During the event, check your forecast and make sure you consume less than your forecast! Keep in mind the more you go under your forecast for the duration of the event the MORE POINTS you will earn! See more info and tips below.
  4. Win
    Gain a prize draw entry to WIN £1000 every time you participate in a National Grid DFS equivent & earn points by beating your forecast for the event (one entry per National Grid DFS equivent) T&Cs apply - click for details*.


How will it work?

How will the National Grid DFS equivents work?

You will receive a notification via the app in advance of each DFS equivent to let you know when it is going to happen.

1) If you want to take part in the event you will need to confirm your participation in the app.

2) During the event, you will need to beat your forecast to get rewarded by reducing your energy use and registering what you have switched off in the app. You can find out how to do this here.

3) Within 48 hours of the event ending, we will let you know how much energy you have saved and how many points you have earned.

How will I know National Grid DFS equivents are happening?

Notifications for National Grid DFS equivents will be sent via the app as normal but will be sent in advance. All other equivents will continue to be notified as they happen.

Do I need to opt-in to every National Grid DFS equivent?

If you want to earn the additional points available for reducing your energy usage during DFS equivents then you will need to confirm your participation in the app before each event, so that we know you are planning to take part.

If you don't confirm your participation then you will only earn points available for other equivents.

What happens if I don't opt-in or opt-out of a National Grid DFS equivent?

If you forget to opt-in to a DFS equivent then you will still be able to earn points.

However, you will not earn the additional points available for those who opt into DFS equivents.

Do I have to take part in every National Grid DFS equivent?

No. Just as with other equivents, you can take part in as many or as few DFS events as you like.

If you do not wish to participate, simply opt out in the app when you receive a notification of an upcoming DFS equivent.

However, if you want to earn the additional points available for reducing your energy usage during DFS equivents then you will need to confirm your participation in the app before each event, so we know that you want to take part.

What time of day will the National Grid DFS equivents happen?

Just as with other equivents, National Grid DFS equivents could happen at any time of day.

However, the timing of the events will be based on when the grid needs help.

Just like other equivents, this is typicaly during the busiest or 'peak' times of day when the grid needs to generate more power to meet everyone's needs. For example, between 4-7 pm.

What is the difference between equiwatt equivents and National Grid DFS scheme events?

equivents run all throughout the year and not just for the set months of November to March. equivents can also be run for multiple reasons. For example, to respond to national grid requirements or to help solve a network problem at a local level, to avoid the use of dirty carbon emitting peaker plants or help users avoid using energy when it is particularly expensive. 

How will equiwatt interact with National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service winter scheme?

Over the next months, some equivents will be aligned with National Grid’s flexibility events, and equiwatt will continue running other equivents based on other criteria (like to help local constraints). All equiwatt users will be notified about both types of events and will be able to participate in both as they would for our regular equivents*.

*Please note only users with compatible smart meters and half-hourly data enabled will be able to earn points for participating in DFS equivents.

Why should I take part in the National Grid DFS with equiwatt?

The equiwatt community have been pioneering peak time energy saving for more than 3 years and 300+ equivents. Our app is the easiest way to save energy all year round, track your CO2 impact and automate appliance or EV charging participation.

Smart meters

Do I need a smart meter to earn points from National Grid DFS events?

Yes. You will need a working electric smart meter and half-hourly readings enabled to take part so we can verify how much energy you’ve managed to save.

How do I participate in equivents via my smart meter?

When an equivent starts, you will receive a notification:

1) Switch off running electric appliances and avoid turning high-usage appliances on.

2) Check your forecast to make sure you know what you have to beat and that you’re going below it. TIP: Check your In-Home Display (IHD) unit to make sure that you are going below your forecast.

3) Go to the equiwatt app and log your manual participation.

Please note: You will only earn points if you indicate your participation in the app. See how to do that here.

Why do I need to have a working smart meter to take part?

Although we can get energy readings from compatible smart plugs and electric vehicles, only smart meter data is currently accepted by the National Grid scheme.

Additionally, since we will be giving notice of the event in advance for National Grid DFS equivents, energy savings will be calculated based on your forecast and what you are likely to consume, rather than what you were actually using just before the event. This also helps to protect us and the grid from the system being gamed (turning on something right before the event to earn points is not helping the grid much!)

What if I don't have a smart meter?

You can still earn points from participating in equivents but they will not include the additional points from the National Grid DFS scheme.

Do I need an in-home display (IHD) to take part?

No! As long as you have a connected smart meter and half-hourly readings enabled you can take part.

Please note: Your in-home display (IHD) is different to your smart meter. Your IHD is the little screen that sits on a shelf in your house and displays your energy usage info.

What happens if you can't take a reading from my smart meter during an equivent?

If an external issue means that we are unable to retrieve readings from your smart meter during a National Grid DFS equivent that you have opted into, we won't know how much you have saved.

If that happens we will award you the average number of points that other users have received for that equivent.


Can I earn the rewards National Grid is offering through equiwatt?

If you have a compatible smart meter connected to the equiwatt app and half-hourly data available, you can take part and earn points by participating in equivents run as part of the National Grid’s DFS scheme.

Will my smart devices earn points for taking part in DFS equivents?

Unfortunately, for equivents aligned with the National grid's winter DFS scheme, we won't be able to award points for connected smart devices (e.g. smart plugs, electric vehicles & smart chargers) that aren't also supported by a smart meter with half-hourly readings enabled.

However, if you opt-in to participate in a DFS event, we will switch off your connected smart devices for you as we always do, you just need to make sure you beat your forecast to get points for these ones!

How do points for events work?

When National Grid DFS equivents happen, you will need to beat your household-wide energy use forecast to earn double or even triple points depending on the reduction!

This is measured via your smart meter. Find out how this works.

How can I beat my forecast?
In order to beat your forecast, you will need to use less energy during an equivent that what you are forecast to use (based on previous usage data).
To lower your energy usage try to turn off or avoid using high energy consumption appliances when you receive a notification to say that an equivent has started.

Ideas for participating in equivents manually:

Switch off high-energy usage appliances at the plug socket or switch e.g.

  • Manually switch off your fridge/freezer (this only applies if your smart plug is not connected already to this appliance).
  • Pause your washing machine if it is in mid-cycle 
  • Turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used.

Switch off and/or unplug chargers and other electronics not being used e.g.

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Stereo equipment
  • Phone chargers

If your electric heater is on, set it to a lower temperature or turn it off during equivents

Will I still get rewarded when the National Grid DFS scheme ends?

Although the National Grid scheme is only for the winter, equiwatt users can get rewarded for reducing their energy usage during peak times throughout the year by participating in equivents!

Find out how you can participate here.

How can I win £1000?

Between November 2022 and March 2023, every time you successfully take part in a National Grid DFS equivent by beating your forecast and earning points, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £1000 in bonus points!

To enter, simply:

  • Connect a compatible smart meter with half-hourly data to your equiwatt account.
  • Confirm your participation in a National Grid DFS equivent when notified by the app. 
  • Save energy & CO2 by switching off your appliance(s) or EV during equivents to beat your forecast for each event.

Full T&Cs of the prize draw can be found here

About the project

Why are National Grid running the DFS?

The DFS will not only help avoid coal power use during the winter months but it is also a big step in learning more about how you at home can do your bit to help balance the grid, reduce CO2 emissions and achieve net zero ambitions.

How long is the National Grid DFS running?

National Grid is running the DFS from November 2022 until March 2023.

However, equiwatt users can earn points and rewards beyond the National Grid DFS scheme as we run equivents every week all throughout the year!

What if my energy supplier is offering a way to take part in National Grid DFS?

Your supplier may invite you to take part in their own scheme and you can choose whether to take part with them or with equiwatt.

equiwatt is independent of any suppliers so if you have not been invited or joined your supplier scheme and have a smart meter with half-hourly readings then you can take part with us.

If you are not sure if your smart meter is compatible or need help enabling half-hourly readings, send us an email at hello@equiwatt.com and we will see if we can assist you.

Can I take part in National Grid DFS with my supplier and equiwatt?

You can only access the additional National Grid DFS rewards through either your supplier OR equiwatt.

If you are signed up via your supplier, you can continue to take part in all equivents, but you will not earn the additional points available during National Grid DFS equivents.

Can I take part if my supplier isn't signed up for National Grid's winter DFS scheme?

Yes, you can! You don't need to be with a specific energy supplier or have a special tariff to take part in the DFS equivents with equiwatt.

However, you will need a compatible smart meter and half-hourly data available to receive points for participating in DFS equivents. To find out if your smart meter is compatible and sends half-hourly data, sign up to the app, follow the steps to validate your MPAN and connect your smart meter, you can find out within hours or up to 3 days (if it takes a bit longer for your smart meter data to appear). 

Is equiwatt an approved DFS provider?

Yes. equiwatt is an approved provider for the National Grid's winter Demand Flexibility Service. You can see the full list of approved providers here: https://www.nationalgrideso.com/industry-information/balancing-services/demand-flexibility/approved-provider-list

*Terms and conditions apply  to the  National Grid DFS prize draw. For more information read the full terms and conditions here.