Why do I need an energy monitoring Smart Plug?

Energy monitoring Smart Plugs allow us to assess the power consumption of your connected appliance(s) at the time of an equivent so we can reward you accordingly.

Without energy monitoring, a Smart Plug connected to equiwatt would not be able to provide us with any power usage data at the time of an equivent. As the amount of points you earn is based on how much peak time energy and CO2 your appliance has saved by participating in an equivent, this means that we wouldn’t be able to reward you accordingly for the time that the appliance is switched off. In short, no energy monitoring = no points!

Energy monitoring is also important in us being able to confidently assess if your appliance has switched back on at the end of an equivent. In the rare event that we identify any irregularities in the way the appliance is consuming energy then we are able to alert users and take action.