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When do my points get added?

Points are automatically added to your account at the end of an equivent.

Points you earn for participating in an equivent via Smart Control or via smart charging with your EV will be added to your account automatically at the end of an equivent.

You can check how many points your appliance(s) have earned you by checking your account balance by selecting the points widget in the top righthand corner of the 'Home' screen of the app.

It can sometimes take a short amount of time after the end of an equivent for points to update. If you believe that points are missing or inaccurate 24 hours after an equivent then please get in touch at hello@equiwatt.com

Any bonus points earned by participating in Spot Prizes or other special campaigns will be added to your account once the equiwatt team has verified that you have met the qualifying criteria.