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Introduction of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the Kasa App

Read on to find out more about Kasa's 2FA and the equiwatt app.

Update 22.06.22

TP-Link have recently added Two-Factor authentication (2FA) to their Kasa app.

This has affected the Kasa Smart Plug connection with equiwatt and we are currently working on an update to resolve this which will be released soon. 

To continue earning points with your Kasa Smart Plugs via automatic participation in equivents, we recommend that you do not enable 2FA in the Kasa app until the equiwatt update is available.

If you have already enabled 2FA in the Kasa app, then we recommend that you temporarily switch it off until the equiwatt app is updated.

How to turn off Two-Step Authentication?

From the Kasa APP > Tap 'Me' (person icon) in the bottom right corner of the screen > Tap View account (appears in green underneath your name and email) > Login Security >Then tap the Two-Step Verification ON/OFF toggle

NOTE: We will continue to keep you up to date regarding this update but please get in touch at hello@equiwatt.com or in the app via Account > Report a bug if you require further support.