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How do I redeem my points?

Follow the instructions below to redeem your points for rewards or vouchers in the equiwatt in-app gift store.

Every time that you save energy by participating in an equivent with Smart Control or your EV, you will earn points. The points are based on how much energy and CO2 your appliance /EV has saved. The more peak energy you save, the more points you will earn!

TIP: If you participate in equivents with Manual Control (e.g. manually switching your appliance off and on and the start and end of an equivent), you will not earn points for each equivent. Instead, you will earn an entry into our monthly prize draw for each time you participate in an equivent using Manual Control. (N.B. entries are per equivent and not per appliance)

How to redeem your points

  • Once you have earned enough points to redeem your chosen gift, log into the equiwatt app and head to the gift store tab (present icon).
  • To redeem your points and claim your prize, select the blue 'redeem for...' button underneath the gift you wish to claim.

NOTE: If you don't have enough points to claim your chosen gift the blue button underneath the item will let you know how many more points you need to be able to claim the gift.

  • After selecting the 'redeem' button you will be asked to confirm your address on the next page. This is so that we can post your gift to you (where appropriate). To confirm your details and proceed with your gift claim, select the 'Confirm address and redeem' button.
  • Once you have submitted your gift claim a message will appear to confirm that we have received your request and will send your gift to you within 2-3 working days.
  • You can view the status of your gift redemption by heading to the gift store and selecting the shopping bag icon in the top righthand corner.

If you have any queries about your gift claim, please contact us at hello@equiwatt.com.